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Outbound Telemarketing

100% Market Penetration

Using our state of the art technology   we will maximize contacts to bring you the
highest close rates and lowest cost per sale.

We will achieve 100% market penetration by combining the following programs into your cold call campaign.

  • New Mover Programs - We utilize multiple vendors to bring to you the highest number of new connects in your calling area every week.
  • Non-subscriber Programs – Combing our national database with your non-subscriber database we will create a program that will maximize cold call contacts and sales.
  • Sequential Fill- In Programs - Using a proprietary formula we will identify and call likely connects from the unpublished, unknown numbers in your market. We will research all telecoms including cable and wireless companies to ensure 100% Market Penetration

Retention and Collection

We Stop the Stops

Using a team of highly trained and skilled sales reps that only handle retention and collection we will use the following programs to Stop the Stops:

  • In Grace Retention -This program collects current balances and secures the next term payment for customers at risk of stopping for non-payment.
  • Collection/Amnesty - Depending on your needs we will collect the past due balance or restart the customer with payment .
  • Stop Saves - TeleReach has a proven process for calling stops at critical intervals to maximize sales.